Greetings Gentleman!

Welcome to my new site! Let me be your muse, your fantasy, the one you reward yourself with after all such a hard day at the job.

I want to spoil you and make you the king even if just for a little while.

You work hard and deserve a fresh environment with someone who really values and appreciates your company.

Are you tired of the routine? So how about exploring a new possibilty? An encounter without the enchantment is just dull. Lets enjoy each other's company.

I don't want to bore you with all the details about me, me, me like perhaps what goes on in your present life. This is now about you...the busy guy...the hard worker....the loyal businessman...and now who is going to reward you? Sometimes love alone is not need something else...a fantasy...a secret only you know about we make this about you, you, you?

You can see the pictures, website and everything about me, so now lets focus on you.

Smile because a new opportunity awaits.

Make the first move and lets place you at the top of the are my number one whether it be for the hour, for lunch, dinner or a weekend in Nassau...the imagination is endless my dear.

I am not just Elaria Chiara...I am the reset button in your life when you need a refresher. So save me under the name, "Reset Button" in your contacts list because that is what you will be after meeting me...a very refreshed guy.

Here is a little well known fact about me: I enjoy spending time with gentleman who want to enjoy the time too. I look forward to our encounters, just as much as you do. I want you come to me knowing or at least with the suspicion that I will indeed appreciate meeting you.